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Asset Integrity Management

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Asset Integrity Management can reduce unplanned downtime, decrease maintenance costs, and reduce environmental and health and safety risks.

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Saturn is on hand to support your business with an effective and integrated solution strategy which can facilitate safer, more reliable operations, with optimal performance and a lower cost point.

With a strong reputation for service quality, Saturn provides maintenance, repair and overhaul of mechanical handling equipment, control systems and hydraulic components. In accordance with HSE and UKOOA guidelines, our Hose Management and SBT service provides risk-based analysis of complete asset flexible hose small bore tubing assemblies.

With expertise in delivering successful hose integrity management solutions, we can support maximising the life cycle of your hoses. Our Small Bore Tubing Management service offers risk based analysis in accordance with the Energy Institute Guidelines.

Widely recognised as one of the largest contributors to unplanned hydrocarbon releases in the oil and gas industry, this can mean a significant impact on production, leading to high costs and inefficiencies. Our Asset Integrity Management service provides risk-based analysis, inspection, test and recertification, in accordance with pressure systems and safety regulations which can improve your maintenance programmes and ensure you are meeting compliance regulations.

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Naval Defence

Saturn supports critical services both in the commissioning and ongoing maintenance of large military assets.

Commercial Marine

Saturn provides the global Commercial Marine industry with critical new-build and maintenance requirements on vessels and shore based assets.

Oil & Gas

Within the offshore oil and gas industry, Saturn can provide critical support to your assets’ life cycle.


Saturn Fluid Engineering delivers infrastructure and resources projects to the energy sector.

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