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Systems Integrity

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Saturn offers a number of advanced solutions for system contamination removal. By using the correct combination of formulated chemicals to suit the application along with high velocity flushing, our team can successfully and quickly remove contaminates within fluid systems.

Explore our range of World Health Organisation approved formula Saturniser products.

We understand that your location and circumstances make your project unique therefore our team of engineers will provide bespoke solutions for the most challenging of projects. Our experience covers equipment and life cycles across Defence, Energy, Commercial Marine and Oil & Gas markets. Solid particulate contamination is the largest cause of component failure in hydraulic and lube oil systems. However, with effective flushing, Saturn can eliminate this harmful contamination.

High Velocity Flushing

At Saturn we pride ourselves on offering fast, efficient, safe, effective and technologically advanced High Velocity Flushing solutions. We deliver fast, effective and efficient flushing services which include; hydraulic oil flushing, high volume water flushing, lube oil flushing, demineralised water flushing and pressure testing.

This service can significantly reduce your pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance or shut down costs. Our Flushing service will achieve the removal of contaminates, therefore retaining the integrity of oil or control fluid-based systems.

Chemical Cleaning

With a broad range of chemical products and solutions, Saturn provides comprehensive technical support, including on site testing product identification and application advice. Supported by our highly experienced team of chemists and laboratory technicians, Saturn provides site testing and mobile laboratory facilities.

With over forty years’ experience in the chemical industry our capability to provide products from our extensive range of brand name formulations is second to none. Along with our in-house product range, we can source best in class solutions, allowing a single source service to our clients, therefore offering a time saving solution, whilst minimising cost implications.

In a fast changing and challenging market, Saturn’s comprehensive package delivers the best results and the most cost-effective solutions for all of your chemical and related requirements.

Flange Management Service

In order to maintain full joint assembly and prevent hydro-carbon release Saturn provides a full Flange Management service. Following the successful completion of our projects, Saturn is confident we can facilitate leak free joints, providing cost, plant uptime and health, safety and environmental benefits. We also provide a full asset inspection programme to suit requirements and safety regulations.

Saturn can also provide accumulator strip down and inspections, strength tests, replacement of components and service tests.  Whether it is an accumulator or the associated hydraulic systems including design and manufacture of replacement skids, we offer technical and affordable system solutions

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Naval Defence

Saturn supports critical services both in the commissioning and ongoing maintenance of large military assets.

Commercial Marine

Saturn provides the global Commercial Marine industry with critical new-build and maintenance requirements on vessels and shore based assets.

Oil & Gas

Within the offshore oil and gas industry, Saturn can provide critical support to your assets’ life cycle.


Saturn Fluid Engineering delivers infrastructure and resources projects to the energy sector.

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