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From System Design to System Improvements, our Engineering team will evaluate your requirements and provide you with bespoke solutions which meets your on-going demands.

Explore our range of World Health Organisation approved formula Saturniser products.

We offer a dedicated service when it comes to the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of new build equipment. With a responsive and efficient service that supports your general maintenance, equipment overhaul and improvement regimes, whilst maintaining your equipment availability and high-quality performance, Saturn will meet the highest standards of project delivery, by mobilising our team to any location worldwide. No matter how complex your issue, our team will work closely with you to find the right solution for your problem or business objective.

Our bespoke engineering service means we can work to your specific functional design specification, as well as providing detailed specifications on your behalf. Saturn’s project management service means we can operate seamlessly within your work schedule, so your workflow can be met with no disruption. Our teams unique experience means we have the capability to provide fully integrated design and process solutions, liaison and certification services.

When it comes to System Improvements, the first stage is to fully understand your system requirements. By conducting a thorough strategic review of these demands, we can recommend design solutions that will best meet the overall goals of your project. With significant engineering capabilities, Saturn can support your business with specialist engineering solutions that meets your exact requirements.

With our in depth and unrivalled knowledge and experience, our team can quickly and effectively provide you with the very best solutions that meets the challenges of your requirements. Our in-house teams will work closely with you to find solutions to even the most complex engineering problems.

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Naval Defence

Saturn supports critical services both in the commissioning and ongoing maintenance of large military assets.

Commercial Marine

Saturn provides the global Commercial Marine industry with critical new-build and maintenance requirements on vessels and shore based assets.

Oil & Gas

Within the offshore oil and gas industry, Saturn can provide critical support to your assets’ life cycle.


Saturn Fluid Engineering delivers infrastructure and resources projects to the energy sector.

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