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By ordering goods from Us through our website You agree that the following terms and conditions apply to your purchase.


1. Interpretation

1.1. In this document:

Agreementmeans a legally binding contract in which You buy from Us the Products listed in an Order;
Business Daymeans a day on which clearing banks are open for non-automated commercial business in Edinburgh, but excluding a Saturday, a Sunday, or a public holiday declared by the Scottish Ministers;
Ordermeans a request submitted by You through this website to purchase from Us one or more Products that We offer for sale online;
Pricemeans the price advertised on this website for a Product;
Productsmeans the goods listed in an Order;
Terms of Businessmeans the terms and conditions in this document;
Total Payablemeans the total payable by You for all Products in an Order, including shipping, insurance, and VAT or other applicable sales taxes;
us / wemeans Saturn FE Limited, a company limited by shares registered in Scotland as company number SC611526, with its registered office at Stannergate House, 41 Dundee Road West, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 1NB
youmeans the person who places an order for goods through this website;

1.2. Section headings are provided for convenience only and do not affect the interpretation of these Terms of Business.

1.3. The word “written” includes “by email”.

2. Contract Formation

2.1. You may place an Order at any time by submitting an online order form through this website. By placing an Order, You warrant to Us that you are purchasing the Products as a business and not as a consumer.

2.2. Once you select the Products you with to buy, the website will add an amount for shipping, insurance, and VAT or other applicable sales taxes. This amount is the Total Payable.

2.3. Once you submit an Order and pay the Total Payable by card through the website, the Order becomes an Agreement, subject to these Terms of Business, for You to buy the Products listed in the Order from Us in exchange for payment of the Total Payable.

2.4. Each Agreement incorporates these Terms of Business and represents the entire agreement between You and Us about the purchase, sale, and delivery of the Products listed in that Agreement.

2.5. We may, in our sole discretion, cancel any Order and refund the payment.

3. Delivery of Products

3.1. We will ship the Products to the address you provide in submitting the Order through the website.

3.2. Shipment and delivery dates are estimates only. Time of delivery is not of the essence.

3.3. We may deliver the Products in more than one shipment. Partial delivery of the Products is deemed to be part performance of the Agreement and not a breach of the Agreement.

3.4. You must accept delivery of the Products when they arrive at the delivery address. If You do not accept delivery without reasonable cause, We may store and insure the Products at your expense until you accept delivery.

4. Acceptance of Products

4.1. You must inspect the Products as soon as reasonably practicable after delivery.

4.2. You may reject a Product after it is delivered to You only where:

4.2.1. at the time of delivery it was not of satisfactory quality or did not match the description in the Agreement; and

4.2.2. You notify Us of the rejection within 30 days of receiving the Product, or as soon as reasonably practicable after discovering the reason for rejection, whichever occurs first.

4.3. If You are entitled to reject a Product, you may return the Product to Us using a method that We choose and at our expense. You must contact Us to get our shipping instructions before returning any Products. Once you return a Product to us properly as provided in this clause, You may then choose from the following two options:

4.3.1. You may require Us to refund to You a portion of the Total Payable in proportion to the Product returned to Us; or

4.3.2. You may require Us to send a replacement Product at no further charge to you. However, You may use this option no more than twice for the same returned Product.

4.4. We must issue any refunds to You under clause 4.3.1 or ship any replacement Product to You under clause 4.3.2 within 7 days after We receive the returned Product.

4.5. Clauses 4.1 to 4.4 apply to any replacement Product that We send to You under clause 4.3.2.

4.6. If You reject a Product without cause, We may invoice you for the reasonable costs We incur as a result. Such invoices are payable by You upon receipt.

5. Title and risk

5.1. Risk in a Product passes from Us to You upon delivery.

5.2. Despite clause 5.1, legal title in each Product remains with Us until we receive payment in full of the Total Payable on the invoice relating to that Product. Once we receive such full payment, legal title in the Product passes to You.

5.3. Until legal title in a Product passes to You under clause 5.2, You must:

5.3.1. hold the Product on deposit for Us or as bailee for Us;

5.3.2. store or mark the Product so it can readily be identified as being our property;

5.3.3. take reasonable care of the Product and maintain it in the same condition as it was upon receipt; and

5.3.4. insure the Product, as commercially resonable in the circumstances: (i) with a reputable insurer (ii) from the date of delivery (iii) against all risks (iv) for an amount at least equal to the Price of the Product, and (v) noting Our interest on the policy.

5.4. Before title of a Product passes to You, we may enter any premises occupied or controlled by You to repossess, dismantle, use, or sell that Product if You:

5.4.1. enter liquidation, receivership, administration, winding up, or bankruptcy, or a third party threatens to force You into such a process; or

5.4.2. cease to trade or threaten to cease trading.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

6.1. Any Agreement that incorporates these Terms of Business is governed by Scots law.

6.2. It is a condition of each Agreement that each party must submit irrevocably to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts to settle any dispute or claim arising from or in connection with an Agreement.


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