Hi-Fog Space and Surface Sanitising


Saturniser Hi Fog a powerful water and surface disinfectant which provides a very wide spectrum of  biocidal activity. Independent testing has shown that Saturniser Hi-Fog is a highly effective bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide.

Fogging or aerosol disinfection is used wherever large volumes have to be treated completely in a short time.  Saturn Hi-Fog has been developed to be applied through a fogging generator creating a fine mist that will contact all surfaces leaving them completely free from any germs, bacteria and virus infection which may currently exist.

Important: Aerosol disinfection is a supplement to conventional types of application. It does NOT replace cleaning or classic wipe disinfection on highly contaminated surfaces.

We offer one size to buy online, while larger order sizes can be discussed by getting in touch. Saturn FE can also supply the fogging machines and, if required, the personnel to carry out the work. Please see the below table:

Saturniser Hi Fog



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Saturniser Hi Fog



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Fogging Machine


Please contact us for more information regarding availability and provision of this service

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